Electric Dreams, Benny The Dog ,Talking Heads, Mecano, Fannypack, Baccara, Robots, Talk Talk, Salt n Pepa, Hombres G, Pet Shop Boys, Annie Lennox, Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall, Prince, Snoopy, Harrods, Barcelona, The Divynals, Tom Tom Club, Denim, Reebok, M.O.B, Cunit, Rough Trade, Lamborghini’s, Vogue, Madonna, The Blue Lagoon, Tron, Snoop Dogg, add n to (x), Liars, Roxy Music, Leather and Lace, All Saints, SFA, Bournemouth, Horror Movies, Wu Tan Clan, ELO, Spiritualised, The Sea, Whitey, Love and kisses, Happy Mondays, Valentino, Penelope Cruz, Nag-Champa, Duck Ponds, Broadcast, Jumble Sales, Bubble Baths, Cava, Sushi, Waffles and Ice Cream, Euro Star, Eminem, Pure Wool, Dog Day Afternoon, Suicide, Twin Peaks, Devon, Rioja, Blur, Death In Vegas, All the Mates, Nouvelle Vague, Disco, Spud and Gottie, Tortoises, Alejandro Amenabar, the beta band, Pet Sounds, Interstellar 5555, Dr Dre, Jenifer Rush, En Vogue, Durran Durran, Coolio, Verve, The Business,Ibiza, D.F.A, My Bloody Valentine, Neu!, Zongamin, Casio, London, Annie, The Big Lebowski, Tie Me Up Tie Me Down, Andrew Wetherall, Saint Etienne, SWV, Sufre MaMon, Destinys Child, Grease, M.C.M, Open Your Eyes, Paris When It Sizzles, Britney, Big Brother, Diamonds, The Stone Roses, Kraftwerk, The Cabin Fever, Pacha ,Ride, Marisel Coe, Space Travel, Walt Disney, Roland, Pedro Almodovar, NWA, Kubric, Sunday Roast, Dead Prez, Nintendo, Yazoo, Primal Scream, Dreaming, Grace Jones, Underground, Prague, staying up till morning , color Vinyl and many more … want to know any more ask me !!

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